Treasury Tuesday - Bedknobs and Broomsticks

I love to add little details to things. I've found that changing something as simple as the knobs on my cabinets, doors or drawers can make a huge difference! I do it for my enjoyment, but I've noticed that these little details aren't lost on people who visit my home either.

This week I've put together an Etsy treasury of knobs and pulls that I think are pretty clever. Enjoy!

I thought the different vintage knobs painted all the same color was a great idea! I have several mis-matched knobs that I might try that with.

And how about the Legos and rocks for knobs. I'll bet with the right glue (I'd try Gorilla Glue) you could make lots of different things into knobs. How about those plastic army men? Or sea shells? Ooooh, I'll bet Dominoes would make cute knobs!

Well before I go, I'd like to share some knobs I've admired for quite sometime by Susan Goldstick, Inc. Just the right blend of color, whimsy and sparkle for me. I'm still searching for the perfect piece to use them on.

These and many more are available through Susan Goldstick, Inc.

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