Well Color Me Happy!

With my time off over the holidays, I had planned to go through more boxes from our move and paint my kitchen cabinets. But with our heater not working, I ended up bundling up by the fire and drawing. And now I can't stop!

After a couple of people telling me they'd like to color in my drawings, I thought about creating a coloring book, which is all the rage these days. After thumbing through a few coloring books I'd seen while Christmas shopping, I changed my plan a bit. I thought it might be more fun for people to be able to pick and choose which pages they wanted to color, instead of buying an entire book. I also knew that since my designs are somewhat intricate, that it would be easier to color a single page, than one that was in a book (unless the book was spiral bound).

So, I started scanning my drawings and putting them in our Etsy shop. Etsy has a (new to me) feature where customers can purchase a page (file) and instantly download and print it. What's nice for the customer is they can print it as many times as they like, and on whatever weight paper they choose. The reason I love this feature is that I really enjoy creating, but never cared for the printing and mailing of items once they were sold. Boring! As with most artists I know, it's all about creating... the selling is just a way to justify spending so much time (and money) doing what we love.

Well I've rambled on long enough.  I hope you enjoy the video of Nicole coloring one of my drawings. She's quick isn't she? ;)

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