Home Decor Style File: Flea Market Style

Flea Market Style always has something new and different to look at. It also has a wide variety of tips for scavengers such as myself.

Here are my favorites from the Winter 2012 edition:

  • Bracelets made from old license plates and signs
  • I just signed up for FleaQuest so I can find vintage shops and flea markets in my area. BTW you can sign up as a Merchant or a Vendor
  • Thinking about putting this 'Junk Love' hoodie on my list for Santa... there are several other items for sale on their site that I'm interested in
  • Flower rings made from soda and tea cans
  • I'm a cowboy (girl) boot fan so obviously I like this vase
  • Website for a shops I'm going to check out in Elk Grove and Lodi, CA... Secondhand Rose

  • Banners and pouches made from fabric children's books
  • Paint and sealers to try
  • Purse / pocket sized notepads made from flashcards
  • Succulent in colorful container
  • Patchwork pillow
  • Key or necklace holder made from old keys

  • Rustic, mostly white bathroom
  • Colorful kitchen cabinets, checked floor and hanging utensils as decorations
  • Light fixture... I'll bet you could use a hanging light and a nice plate/bowl to make something similar
  • More shops I'll be checking out in Northern California

  • Big letters... yay!
  • Hand drawn banner with inspirational words on a chalkboard wall
  • Old fashioned lamp shade
  • Store display ideas
  • Information about Pinterest ...let me know if you need an invite to this addicting site

  • Picture frame(and shelf) using an old cigar box
  • Coral chair and teal stool... love these colors together
  • Vintage vases
  • Antiques Fair and Flea market I will be attending soon in Alameda, CA
  • Bingo cards as photo frames

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