Home Decor Style File: Country Home Magazine... Holiday

There is so much to love in the Holiday 2012 edition of Country Home magazine. Below are my favorite things:

  • Banners have been popular for awhile now, and I like the idea of using them as Christmas decorations around the house or on the tree
  • Silver ornaments in a white bowl
  • Embroider a tea towel or cloth napkins
  • Paper or fabric trim around a cake plate adds a pop of color and can be easily changed for the next event
  • Red cake with white polka-dots
  • Teal with red and white color combo... these are the colors I have planned for my art studio

  • Cute little holiday trees in a metal bucket... trees can be spray painted a different color to match your decor
  • The light green flower stems look great with the red, white, and evergreen colors
  • Wreath with pine cones, holly berries and pomegranates has just the right amount of red
  • And how about red Chuck Taylors and Christmas ornaments for a necklace... my kind of holiday outfit

  • Silver vases with miniature Christmas trees look great on the mantle
  • If you don't know how to knit, try whipping up some stockings from an old sweater
  • Cones covered in twine, cardboard, and other natural colored things
  • Weathered springs are a cute idea as decorations in a bowl of ornaments, or on a gift
  • Framed words and musical chords to the verse of a favorite song is a great year round decoration... I plan to put something like this in our master bedroom
  • Rustic home looks great... they applied the insulation to the outside of the house (under the siding)

  • Greenery and stars are hanging from a four poster bed... another idea that would look good year round
  • Super cute green stockings
  • All white table decorations with a touch of green and red... very classy
  • Industrial light fixture 

  • Poinsettias in a bright silver vase
  • Playing cards as gift tags
  • Gorgeous stockings made with various fabrics and even some embroidery
  • Stuffed Christmas ornaments
  • Ice skates are a great holiday decoration... I'm having trouble finding an old pair here in California
  • Color coordinated gift wrap... something I do every year

  • Beads as garland... cute and easy...these were hung up using cup hooks
  • Ball made with old sweaters and hand stitched... two of my favorite things
  • I haven't lived many places where I could display a tree in the front window so I usually resort to hanging ornaments from ribbon in the window
  • Both of these Christmas tree displays would be fun to try

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