Pimp My Door

I recently noticed a site on the web that sells stickers for your door. More specifically to go over your peep hole. They are really cute!
The phrase they are using for advertising these peep hole decals is 'Pimp Your Door'. I've actually been pimping my door for years. I started by removing the backing and glass of a picture frame I had and attaching it over the peep hole (on the inside of the door). Then I noticed they had done the same thing on the TV series Friends. So on one of my visits to NBC Studios in New York, I just had to buy the Friends peep hole frame. You can see it on my door...

I also pimp the outside of my door to entertain anyone coming to the door and to put a smile on my face when coming home.

It's fun that the door at my current house is made of metal rather than wood so I can fill it with magnetic items. I just have to make sure they are heavy duty magnets or they will fall off whenever the door gets closed too hard.

I recently saw small magnetic picture frames like the one in the above photo, at [Cost Plus] World Market for around $1.99 each. These are fun because you can put whatever you want in them. And change whenever you feel like.

If you've pimped your door, send me a picture. I'd love to see it!

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