Free Download - Goals and Task List Pages

Earlier this week I did a DIY on how I created the new pages for my organizer. Today as promised, I'm providing a free download so you can use my pages if you'd like.

The first download is of the main pages. The second download contains pages I use as extra case my Goal task list or Today task list takes up more than one page. And to save our lovely trees, I print them on both the front and back side of the paper. To download... click the photo  >  click Download the large 1024 size of this photo > select open  >  follow prompts necessary to print full page.

The way I use my goals list is to define my goal (aka end result). Then start jotting down the tasks involved, in no special order. I like to break the tasks down as much as possible because then I get to put check marks next to more items. It looks like I accomplished a lot that way. :)

Then each day, usually over my morning coffee, I take at least one item off of each goal list and write it on my 'today' list. Then I come up with something as a reward to myself if I accomplish everything I put on my list for that day. The rewards are usually something like 'buy a new decorating magazine' or 'watch an hour of tv' - nothing major. Just something that I can look forward to throughout the day, as I complete tasks.

What you write on isn't as important as defining and achieving your goals, but it IS more fun when you have something colorful to write on.

To print a copy of the pages shown above:
  • Click the photo (above)
  • Click on 'Download the Large 1024 size of this photo' link
  • Select 'Open'
  • If prompted, select 'Allow'
  • It will open in your computer's photo viewer
  • From there you can print it (use full size setting if available)

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  1. These are great! Thanks for sharing.