Reading Review ~ Artful Blogging & Where Women Create

I just finished reading my two new magazines cover to cover (Artful Blogging and Where Women Create).

          artful blogging         CS3 CoverWWC0212.indd

Since starting the Upcycle~This blog, I get a lot of inspiration from Artful Blogging. I enjoy reading about how people got started with their blogs, what keeps them motivated, and how they come up with ideas. The pictures are great and there’s always a bit of useful advice. It seems that the advice most bloggers give to other bloggers is for each of us to write about what we’re passionate about.
A couple of my favorite articles in this issue are Creating an Online Haven featuring Georgianna Lane’s blog (Georgianna Lane), and What’s your Why featuring Heather Anderson’s blog (Post Road Vintage). Both have great photos and stories!

online haven  whats your why
I’ve been a reader of Where Women Create since the first issue. Actually I owned the book prior to the magazine coming out. There’s just something about seeing other artist’s studios that inspires me. Must be the part of me that loves decorating and seeing how others decorate their homes, yards, and studios. After reading each issue, I find myself wandering into my own studio and once there I find myself tidying up and the next thing you know, I’m creating something. Thanks WWC!
In this issue I really enjoyed reading about Sania Pell and seeing her studio. Her studio is on the cover of the magazine. And I LOVE that chair! There’s a better picture of the chair inside the magazine along with a matching couch. I’ve been wanting to applique a couple of my chairs and now I’m even more inspired to do it.

Sania Pell
Sania Pell 2
Another article that was fun to read was about Jennifer Binford and Emily Johnson of Hopscotch Road. They had a fun banter going throughout the article which gave you a glimpse of their friendship… and how much they enjoy each other. And their studios were very colorful (which I like!). If you’re not familiar with Hopscotch Road, I highly recommend checking them out. They put their own designs on used items (including old school furniture) to come up with some great designs.

hopscotch road

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