Kitchen Remodel

It's been a looong process, but we're almost done! I couldn't wait to share pictures though. So here you go.
Somehow we actually managed to have coffee every morning, despite our kitchen's "during" state.
What we did... knocked out the wall above the sink (for a full view of the family room) and added a bar between the kitchen and family room. We painted and reused the existing cabinets. But since we couldn't put them back in the same place as before they didn't all open the direction we wanted. So we added handles in the center of the door. Now we simply pull on the handle and the door freely opens in the direction it needs to. No more broken fingernails! :)

We also created a new island, made from my old kitchen table and an old dresser. We screwed the top of the table to the dresser, added some paint and new knobs and we now have an island with a huge top and lots of storage. We also added stools so we can eat at it.

K (my boyfriend) has a huge fish tank that he loves so we put that between the living room and kitchen to act as a see through room divider. Our three oscars (Tony, Orlando and Dawn) are very happy that they can see out all sides of their tank now.

We still need to pick out and install counter tops, lay the tile floor, and install a range hood with a microwave, but other than that, we're done. And we LOVE our new kitchen!

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  1. AnonymousJune 22, 2011

    This is an amazing transformation, makes me want to come over and cook something. yummmy