Upcycled Kitchen Island

My latest (completed) project is my 'new' kitchen island! I was tired of my kitchen table that was no longer my style, and we never used. I also wanted more counter space and storage but wasn't sure how I would get it. So as I was dragging my table out to the garage I spotted an old dresser that I'd had for many years. And an idea was born.

Not the greatest pictures. Guess it's time for a new camera. And no, we don't have kitchen floors yet. ;)
  The dresser was in OK shape, but the top was a mess! Since I no longer wanted the kitchen table I decided to take it apart to see if I could somehow use the top of it for my island. It was a perfect fit! So with some paint, a few screws, and new handles, I now have a kitchen island that I love!

Another bonus is the dresser has wheels on it so it's easy to move. I might take the wheels off someday, but right now this comes in VERY handy since we are in the long process of fixing up the fixer upper we bought (and live in)... and things need to be moved out of the way a lot.

Ok, I'm off to go fill the drawers of my new island! :)

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