Decor Style File: Vintage Style

Favorites from the Summer 2013 edition of Vintage Style magazine.

  • Colorful, whimsical, comfy looking rooms 

  • Striped lampshade
  • Driftwood tree
  • Photo transferred to throw pillow
  • Eclectic, colorful bedrooms
  • Paper typewriter
  • Paper flowers... these colors work well together

  •  Both porches look so relaxing 

  • Super cute little garden room
  • LOVE these light fixtures
  • Framed old fashioned swim suits... fun!

  • We're hoping to put a pond in our yard... this one looks great
  • Beautiful porches
  • Outside shower... why not?

  •  From a very young age I've loved stationery... note pads, pens, rubber stamps, oh my!

  • Bathrooms with framed mirrors always look great
  • Colorful, eclectic porch
  • Simple brick patio in a wooded yard... it looks so inviting
  • Those glass vases on the table are amazing

  • Little gate... this would be perfect to keep our dogs out of some areas of the yard
  • Colorful, rustic outdoor room... check out the light fixtures hung together
  • Color looks good anywhere, even in the yard 

1 comment:

  1. I received an email asking for ideas on how to add stripes to a lampshade. There are several ways this could be done. A lampshade shaped like the one in the photo above, would probably have to be painted.

    For a different shaped lampshade, say one where the top of the lampshade and bottom were the same size then you could decoupage fabric or gift wrap to get the striped look.

    Hope that helps. Let me know if your have more questions.