Art Studio Style File - Cloth Paper Scissors Studios

I'm not sure why, but I love reading about other artists and seeing their studios. Here are my favorite things from the Cloth Paper Scissors Studios winter edition.

  • Chair and rug... love, love, love
  • Storage unit with different knobs on each drawer
  • An artist I'd like to learn more about
  • A description of how the artist repurposes items instead of buying new
  • Painted frames... who needs a picture?
  • A photograph on a pillow (must try this!)

  • Cattywampus shelves... look closely they're made from cabinet doors
  • Artist describing how she creates visual inspiration... I do this
  • The neatly organized craft supplies... I'm working on this
  • Artist describing how she loves being in her studio... me too!

  • An amazing studio with an entire wall made of windows... and she FOUND the large window!
  • Really great tips for setting up a studio
  • Another beautiful studio that doubles as a space for meeting clients

  • Colorful studio
  • Name of a blog to check out
  • Great tip for artists
  • Pig table... cute!
  • Vintage toy being used as a pencil/pen caddy
  • Another artists studio tip
  • Pink radio... see you CAN paint anything
  • Striped wall paper 

  • Super organized space... makes me relax just looking at it
  • Collaged sign for studio wall
  • Great wrapping station setup... I need a mailing station like this
  • A larger picture of the vintage toy holding pens/pencils
  • Another caddy for holding supplies until I find a vintage toy

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