It's day one of an online class I'm attending called 'Raining Umbrellas... lessons in creativity'. One of the things I mentioned to the instructor is that I thought I should start blogging more. Well it just so happens that we will be given daily creative exercises and weekly assignments and we've been asked to share them on our blogs or Flickr. So I've chosen to share the results of my first creative exercise on my blog.

Exercise: write about, draw, design, or photograph your perspective of the word 'serendipity'.

When I think 'serendipity' - I think happy accident. And life is full of happy accidents when your focus is more on the positive than the negative.

Many who know me know that I'm somewhat 'directionally challenged'. I have trouble finding my way out of a cul de sac! But this little flaw of mine has helped me discover quite a few things I would never have discovered had I not been a little lost. Below are photographs I took on a couple of those occasions.

This first one was taken in Sydney, Australia. I glanced down an alley as I was wandering, uh walking down the street trying to find where I was supposed to teach a class. And what a cool surprise! I still have no idea the meaning of this display, but am happy to have found it.

The next one was taken in Melbourne, Australia while trying to find my hotel. Luckily THIS wasn't my hotel. :) And no, those aren't real people, just a whole bunch of mannequins.

I've been lucky enough to go to Australia quite a few times. But seeing these photos sure makes me miss it.


  1. Your tendency to be "directionally challenged" has brought you to some very special places, Dondra! Those bird cages or so cool and I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like those hanging mannequins. ha, ha.

    Love your positive thinking! :)

  2. The first photo is my personal favourite! Looking up can add so much beauty to our lives! :) Thank you for sharing. I love the use of cages in art: this concept is really original. Their diversity is inspiring as well: so many shapes, so many colours.
    Would find it a bit creepy to sleep in a hotel like this ...

    1. @Vicki... thank you. :)

      @Cococita... luckily that wasn't my hotel. :)

    2. I know Dondra, bless you!

  3. Dondra,
    I am absolutely in love with these photo's! The first one is my favorite too! The thing I love about it is that it could really mean so many different things. I also think cages are such a great design piece! Very great post!

  4. BevCampbell 2012October 26, 2012

    Dondra I love your interpetation of serendipity.! I never thought about humor being a part of the meaning..but how often do we come across something that makes us smile. and thats what your photo of the hanging manneguins did for me.!

  5. Interesting finds you have stumbled upon and mangaged to capture it on camera as well. Thanks for sharing!