Anthology Magazine - Decor, DIY, Food, and more

I want to share one of my new favorite publications. It's called Anthology. It's a fairly new magazine about living with substance and style. Well who doesn't want that? ;)

Each issue is centered around a theme such as 'The Past Meets the Present' and 'Life is a Party'. With the theme in mind, you'll find some amazing photos of  home decor and craft studios as well as artists and their work.

I found the magazine at an Anthropologie store in Omaha, Nebraska (while on a work trip a few weeks ago). When I got back home, I looked it up online hoping to find back issues to look through or buy. I was disappointed to find that shipping was a bit expensive. So... I'll just have to stop into Anthropologie from time to time to look for the latest issue(s). That's not a bad thing since I LOVE Anthropoligie.

Here are some pages from the last two issues. If you go to their site you can find some photos from their past issues. Well worth the visit!

And if anyone finds past issues with a reasonable shipping price, please let me know.

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