Unique DIY Fences

I know I haven't posted much lately. Mainly because we have been super busy working on our backyard, and I've been travelling a bit (for work). But not to worry... I'll be sharing photo's of our latest projects soon.

One project we're planning is a new fence. We have two male dogs that are their own little gang of two... Benny and Brodie. We also have things in our yard that we'd rather not have 'tagged' by our little tail wagging gang. So... we're planning to put up a fence to keep certain items safe.

Trying to come up with fence ideas, I've been wandering around the Internet. And wow... there are some very unique fences out there! Here are some of my favorites.

When we come up with our fence design, I'll be sure to share it with you. And when I get a few free minutes I'll take and post photo's of our latest backyard creation... we used windows from an old house in Berkeley, CA.

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  1. creative fences....I think I will start dating a welder :)