Rustic Birdhouse CD Holder

I thought I'd share pics of one of my prize possessions. It's a CD holder that my Dad made for me several years ago using old fence boards.

I love bird houses, and the rustic look, and my house was overflowing with CDs. So I came up with this idea. I presented it to my Dad, who my sister and I often go to for assistance in carrying out our wild ideas, and he built this for me. Everyone loved it so much, he made several more, some were even designed to hold movies. But this time he used new wood. He said the old and warped fence wood was too hard to work with.

Because we live in California (earthquake country), and they are tall and narrow, he added brackets to the back so they could be screwed to the wall.

My sister used crackle paint on a couple, and painted a vine pattern on a few others. I even decoupaged one! I love them all, but this one is still my favorite.


Thanks Dad!