Bamboo Diffuser

My sister and I were recently talking about ways we scent our homes and I thought I'd share one thing I do with you... DIY bamboo diffusers.

You can find bamboo diffusers at HomeGoods, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target, just to name a few. They put a really nice aroma into the air of your home. I got one as a gift once and I loved it! But I was disappointed at how quickly the scent evaporated, and how expensive they were to replace.

Well one day I was going through some of my craft supplies and found a package of bamboo skewers that I'd purchased for a project and an idea was born. I snipped off the pointed end so they were flat on each end. Then I poured about 1/8" of my favorite essential oil into a vase, put about 8 skewers into the vase and voila! My DIY bamboo diffuser.

One thing to note is that the skewers don't soak up the oil as quickly as the bamboo reeds that come with the store bought diffusers (which I like). So to disperse the scent, I simply grab the skewers and turn them over in the vase each day or whenever I happen to think of it. I've been using my DIY diffusers for years and still haven't found anything I like as well.

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