Bathroom Remodel

Today I'm going to share some photos of our bathroom remodel. When buying this house last year, the (only) bathroom in the house looked like these two before pictures. No plaster on the walls, no sink, no shower doors or even a shower curtain rod. And yes, the walls were open behind the tub just as you see them.

The house also didn't have a laundry room or linen closet. So K worked his magic and incorporated the hall next to the bathroom as part of the bathroom to make one large bathroom/laundry room.

After the kitchen remodel we had cabinets left over. So we used the extra cabinets in our bathroom/laundry room. Now we don't even miss the linen closet (we never had).

After plumbing the bathroom and laundry room, laying tile, painting the walls and cabinets, and all of the things most of us don't see, here is our bathroom today.
As usual there are a few little things that still need to be done (trim around the window and handles on the cabinets), but we love our bathroom! We also love that we were able to save money by re-using the extra kitchen cabinets, and K made the shelves (behind the commode) out of an old shoe rack I already had!


  1. Great work done with creative ideas. It prove useful for all those who are planning to remodel. looking wonderful.

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  2. I must say, the bathroom really needed a total makeover! It looks like it was abandoned for many years. Anyway, I’m amazed with how you turned this bathroom into a very functional space. What I like here is the shower area; it’s very stylish. It looks like a shower in a hotel. You did an amazing job! Kudos! ->Keaton Oakes

  3. I think anyone who’ll see this new bathroom will fall in love with the redo that you’ve done! I can see that your magic powers are really effective in selecting the interiors that you’ve incorporated with your place. I’ll bet you have fun while taking a shower and when getting your laundry done since I can see that you really maximized your space. Anyway, I’ll use your after photos as an inspiration in my upcoming bathroom redo. :)

    ^- Leeanne Dyson -^

    1. Thanks! It's fun to work our magic from time to time. :)