Dots, dots and more dots!

I always keep my paints handy. That way when an idea strikes I don't have to dig out a bunch of supplies to carry out my plan. Ideas often strike me while I'm sitting quietly sipping my morning coffee. Most of my pajamas have paint on them because when an idea strikes I normally act on it right away. 

Well last week I decided one of the walls in the family room needed dots. Actually it's the wall my boyfriend can see from his chair and it was his idea that I do something to that wall to make it more interesting. He was thinking I should paint the wall a solid color, but leave it to me to push the envelope. What do you think?

Later as I was walking through the house I noticed that there are a lot of things I've added dots to in my house. Yes, I love dots! :)

I also have circle throw rugs throughout the house. All are either red or black. Hmmmm, notice another theme?

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