Hi! Come on in, can we get you anything?

We've been toying around with the idea of starting a blog for quite some time now. Well on this cold, rainy day here in California we have decided to take the plunge!

We're Dondra and Debbie, a couple of 'thrifty' sisters who enjoy creating (much more than we enjoy talking about ourselves!). I guess that last part isn't entirely true. Around friends and each other we chatter up a storm. So I guess as you all become friends you'll learn more about us and the things we create. Probably more than you care too. ;) Oh yeah... Dondra is the sarcastic sister.

Both of us prefer to shop for supplies at garage sales, thrift stores, flea markets, book fairs, etc. We're not big on going to the craft store for supplies. Perhaps that comes from our Mom being such a scavenger, uh thrifter. ;) 

What you can expect from this blog will be a look at various projects one or both of us are working on or (if the stars have aligned properly) have completed. Neither one of us is afraid of a hammer or drill, and there's probably nothing in our homes that we haven't customized in some way. Luckily we both own our homes!

We’re excited to share our projects with you and get your feedback. And we hope to inspire you to pick up a hammer or paint brush and create something!

So consider yourself invited to join us on our journey by following this blog.

Oh, when it comes to using blogging software, etc. neither of us knows what we're doing. BUT like anything else, we'll jump in and learn the ropes as we go. All tips and advice are welcome!

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